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Founded in 2013, ADIDEV Energy Grid Private Limited provides homeowners with simple and affordable clean energy. With a proven track record of developing solar PV plants, ADIDEV Energy Grid is a leading company providing EPC and O&M services for solar PV power projects.

JAITECH Power House is one of South India’s leading Industrial & Commercial Power Generation Rentals. The Group was founded by Mr. P Sellamuthu and Mrs. Geetha Sellamuthu in 1987. For 30 years, it has consistently ranked amongst the top power providers in India.

The Group’s expertise is spread across Power generation, Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Education.

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ADIDEV Energy Grid

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Our vast experience since 1989 in the field of industrial, commercial & residential power generation accentuates the ease, dependability and adaptability of the solar PV installations seamlessly in the existing power systems.

We provide solar solutions across vide consumer segments i.e. Homes, Educational Institutes, SMEs, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Units and Utility-Scale Developers. The company offers project development services as well as products and solutions powered by solar energy.

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Solar Rooftop

Solar energy provides a good return on investment through the use of un-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance. All of this has a positive impact on your savings and even greater impact on the environment.

Why Rooftop Solar ?

One Kilo Watt Solar System occupies minimum 80-100 Sq.ft. shadow free area south facing. Solar rooftops have an expected life of 25 years which make them worth the investment.

Rooftop Solar plants benefit Educational institutions, Community buildings and Commercial centres the most.

Un-utilised roof space helps to generate electricity. Net Metering is only applicable for LT Customers ( 10kW to 100 kW) thus help in considerable income by selling excess electricity. Peak loads during daytime mostly coincides with peak solar generation.

ADIDEV Energy Grid offers complete turnkey solutions for Low-Tension (LT) consumers to rooftop solar power plant integration. Solutions tailored to your requirement - ranging from 10 kW to 100 kW's.

TEDA enlisted System Integrator

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Solar Information

ADIDEV Energy Grid
June 29, 2019

Solar Rooftop Calculator

Calculator for installing Solar Rooftop Power Plants based on your budget or space available or KW required with respect to the Cusumar category.


ADIDEV Energy Grid
Feberary 02, 2019

Tamil Nadu Solar Policy 2019

Vision Tamil nadu 2023, a Strategic Plan of Infrastructure Development in Tamil Nadu, includes Solar energy target of 5000 MW.


ADIDEV Energy Grid
March 25, 2019

Order on Rooftop Solar Generation

Eligibility of consumers under net metering, commercial arrangements, LT connectivity, standards, O & M of Solar Power Generators (SPGs) etc.

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